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Special Guest of Smart Philm Fest 2017

Hooman Khalili will be SmartPhilm’s honorary guest. Khalili is the co-director of “Olive,” the first feature film to be shot entirely with a smartphone (Nokia N8). The film inspired a new generation of filmmakers to embrace the smartphone as the first choice of filmmaking equipment. Hooman is currently a morning show radio personality in the San Francisco Bay Area on Alice Radio 97.3 FM. He has been part of the Sarah and Vinnie morning show, for the past 11 years. Hooman job at the station encompasses, phone screening, movie reviews, and celebrity interviewer for the show. He has interviewed countless celebrities including Sting, John Travolta, Julianne Moore and Ed Harris, George Lucas, Maroon 5, 50 Cent, and Hunter s Thompson to name a few. In 2006, Hooman’s voice entertained a new segment of the population as he participated in the Pixar animated movie “Cars”. In 2008 Hooman created the #1 most view nonpartisan video to get the youth of America to vote in the presidential election. The video received 5.1 million views on YOUTUBE and ended up in the museum of Radio and Television in NYC.

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Directed by: Hooman Khalili

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